3 Reasons to Choose Organic Food

Changing to an all-organic diet might present some inconveniences and it is definitely an effort for anybody evaluating this choice.

At Rosie’s on Bank, we would like to give you a few reasons to encourage you to make this tough choice. We would like to show you why all that effort will definitely be worth it, in the end.


Featured image 3 Reasons to Choose Organic Food Poison Free - 3 Reasons to Choose Organic Food

Synthetic pesticides are another word for poison, and nobody wants to put poison in their bodies along with their salad.

Pests do have to be controlled so organic food is grown with the use of natural pesticides, which are just as effective and far less harmful to the human body. Should you wish to stop eating poison, organic is the way to go.

Environmentally Friendly

Featured image 3 Reasons to Choose Organic Food Environmentally Friendly - 3 Reasons to Choose Organic Food

Just like those synthetic pesticides harm humans, they harm and disrupt the environment and that’s not even all.

Organic food tends to be produced through environmentally friendly processes that include better use of the soil and waste reduction by using compost to fertilize. Not to mention, the animals are treated far more ethically and feed healthier, too.

Fresher and More Nutritive

Featured image 3 Reasons to Choose Organic Food Fresher and More Nutritive - 3 Reasons to Choose Organic Food

Organic produce is typically fresher, given that it is kept free from harmful conserving chemicals. Additionally, it tends to be more nutritive due to the fact that it is fresher and has been grown and raised respecting nature’s ways of producing healthy animals and plants.

As much as it is advertised that organic food is fancy and only for hipsters, organic merely means that it was produced through processes that are synthetic-free and environmentally friendly.

The organic tag simply means this food is not filled with dangerous chemicals and poison, it is 100% natural, and the animals were not miserable through their lives.

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