About Us

As a Canadian termite control technician, our founder Jordan Tyler knew all about what poison for animals could do to the human body. This is why he couldn’t look the other way upon realizing how much of the food Canadians regularly eat, is filled with pesticides.

He started researching further and found out this was only one of the issues.

He came to understand there was a considerable amount of information available out there, regarding the conditions of all available food. He chose to stick with an organic diet along with sharing the information he had gathered.

And thus the website was born with just a few useful links at first.

The Goals Driving Us

Featured image About Us The Goals Driving Us - About Us

It became Jordan’s goal to change the way Canadians eat, for he saw that it was not enough to include healthy food groups. The idea is to help people understand they must also be aware of how the food was produced, in order to be sure, they are actually eating healthier and not just more varied.

In order to achieve this goal, we know we have to keep expanding and improving our website. Making it friendly and more attractive, in addition to keep including more varied content among the information we share.

Always focusing on staying on topic, we explore different areas of organic healthy eating constantly.

And the ultimate goal that drives us is reaching as many people as possible because we understand important changes are better done by entire communities. This is the reason why we are not a physical support group or an activist organization.

The Internet has provided us with the best platform to achieve this and our other goals effectively.