Videogames – 4 Popular Games Promoting Vegetables

Over the years and since the rise of videogames in pop culture, they have been used as tools for all kinds of positive development.

It is now known that videogames improve hand-eye coordination, train gamer’s problem-solving skills, and also promote healthy eating by incorporating fruits and vegetables in their diets.


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At popular online casinos accessed through web pages like, gamblers will come across many food and cooking-themed slots.

In these games, vegetables are often used as symbols for increasing earnings, multiplying bonuses and many other great features. Slots like these are a great encouragement to include vegetables in a player’s diet.

Super Mario Games

Featured image Videogames 4 Popular Games Promoting Vegetables Super Mario Games - Videogames - 4 Popular Games Promoting Vegetables

In most Super Mario games, we can see how eating mushrooms brings varied benefits like growth or extra lives, to the iconic characters gamers love. Now, mushrooms are not technically vegetables from a biological point of view.

However, they do offer so many nutrients and are so good for one’s health, that they are considered dietary vegetables.

Additionally, we can also see Super Mario eating plants that provide him and other characters with powers such as shooting fireballs to vanquish enemies. In Super Mario 2 the analogy went as far as to have the characters pulling veggies from the ground to toss at enemies, thus defeating them.


Featured image Videogames 4 Popular Games Promoting Vegetables Zelda - Videogames - 4 Popular Games Promoting Vegetables

We think the creators of Zelda really know what’s up with vegetables, as we can see in their games that they give vegetables and nature a big part to play. A good example of this is the many different kinds of carrots present in the game, all of which provide both Link, the main character, and his horse Epona with superpowers and energy boosts.

Pumpkin dishes also play a big part in making sure Link has enough energy to get through the many tasks through the game.

In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, we can see that taking a Fortified Pumpkin and roasting it will produce The Baked Fortified Pumpkin as a healing item and restore the main character’s health by almost a full heart.


Featured image Videogames 4 Popular Games Promoting Vegetables RuneScape - Videogames - 4 Popular Games Promoting Vegetables

Cabbages are well promoted in this wonderful game. People of all ages playing it have the chance to grow their cabbages on-farm patches and picking them up in certain areas of the game.

The simple cabbages provide the character with 210 life points, although more special varieties like the Draynor Manor’s will also increase defence by a little bit.

To further promote cabbages, there is an event called Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza where these vegetables are donned with the ability to restore 20,000 life points.

There is also money to be made by selling them in the marketplace for 100 coins apiece, and you can even make a garden pie with them.

There is no space where it should be forbidden or impossible to promote healthy eating, and these games are stars in the eyes of Rosie’s on Bank.

Appealing to younger audiences, bombarding them with messages of vegetables making you faster, stronger and healthier, is an endeavour we will always encourage and applaud.

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